Muhammad Ali Workout

muhammad aliMuhammad Ali is considered by many to be the greatest pound-for-pound boxer of all time.

Ali was quick, fast, agile, strong, powerful, and could take hit after hit and keep boxing.

The following is Muhammad Ali’s training routine.

Muhammad Ali’s Morning Workout (6 days a week)

  • Stretch
  • Six mile run in army-type boots. Ali did six miles in under 40 minutes

Muhammad Ali’s Afternoon Workout (6 days a week)

  • Warm-up: jumping side-to-side, torso swivels, jumping around on toes (15 minutes total)
  • Shadow Boxing: 5 x 3 minute rounds. Ali worked on footwork and speed punching. He took 30 second breaks between rounds
  • Heavy Bag: 6 x 3 minute rounds. Ali worked on combinations and stamina. He took 30 second breaks between rounds
  • Sparring: The sparring time increased as his camp progressed
  • Floor Exercises: 100 Bicycle crunches, 100 sit-ups with a medicine ball, and 100 leg raises. Ali did this for 15
  • Speedball: 9 minutes with one minute breaks
  • Skipping: 20 minutes. Ali always moved around while skipping, never staying in the same spot
  • Shadow Boxing: one minute, walking around with light shadow boxing

Muhammad Ali’s Nutrition

  • Breakfast: All natural foods, orange juice, and water
  • Lunch and Dinner: Chicken, steaks, green beans, potatoes, vegetables, fruit juice, and water

One thing you’ll notice is that Ali didn’t use weights in his workout. Many folks don’t realize it, but boxing by itself is an incredible strength training workout. If you don’t believe me, try punching a heavy bag for five rounds, and see how your body feels afterwards.

If you want to ‘float like a butterfly and sting like a bee’, like Ali did, then give this workout a try.


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