4 Habits to Become Physically Fit

Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

If you’re wanting to become a superhero, you’ll need to get into the best physical fitness shape as possible.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. You won’t be able to achieve any kind of inner peace and happiness when your body is weak, stiff, aching, and in pain.

You also won’t be able to help others very well without a healthy body. Helping others takes strength and energy.

Physical fitness must become a lifestyle habit, like brushing your teeth. You’ll need to learn to do something physical everyday.

The following are four areas of physical fitness you’ll need to focus on:

  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Aerobic Training
  • Coordination Training

Daily Habit 1: Do Some Strength Training At Least 3x A Week

According to Bill Pearl, after 72 hours, your body begins to lose 5% of it’s strength. The unfortunate truth with physical fitness is if you don’t use it, you lose it.

The good news is that you don’t need to get fancy with strength training. Personally, I love lifting weights. However, yoga, bodyweight exercises, or even punching and kicking a heavy bag are all forms of strength training.

Many of us get so consumed with finding the right exercise routine. The truth is, the best exercise routine is the one that you can do consistently.

In other words, it doesn’t matter so much what you do, as long as you just do it.

Do some kind of strength training, at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes.

Daily Habit 2: Add Stretching Everyday

Chances are, your work involves one of the following:

  • Sitting all day long in front of a computer
  • Doing hard (and often repetitive) physical or industrial labor

Both kinds of work force our bodies into unnatural positions. If we don’t make an effort to improve our flexibility, we become stiff and immobile. A stiff body eventually becomes an injured body. Age also increases our muscle stiffness.

I personally think practicing yoga is one of the best ways to ensure you have a lifelong, flexible body. It only takes a couple minutes a day.

Do some kind of stretching everyday, for at least 5 minutes.

Daily Habit 3: Do Five Hours Of Cardio Every Week

Cardiovascular (cardio) gets a bad rap these days. I’m not quite sure why, either.

There are so many misconceptions about cardio. Some feel it will make you fat. Others feel that it will waste your muscles away. Then there are those that feel it does absolutely nothing for you.

I think there are two reasons why cardio is unpopular:

  • Many people don’t like to do cardio, because they think it has to be hard
  • Many people don’t like to do cardio, because it’s time consuming

To help clarify these bad raps, let’s define what exactly cardio is. There are two types of cardiovascular exercise:

  • Aerobic: This is steady-state cardio such as walking, jogging, cycling, etc. This is an easy, relaxed pace, where you could go for an hour or more and still carry on a conversation.
  • Anaerobic: This is conditioning cardio, such as jumping rope, martial arts, or sprinting, where you are taxing your body to its maximum.

If you want to look good and feel good, you need to aim for about 5 hours of cardio every week. Yes, five hours may seem like a lot. But aren’t you and your health worth it?

The majority of that should be aerobic cardio.

I’m a big fan of doing a 45 minute or more walk every morning. Get up early before the rest of your family is up. Just walk around the house if you need to.

Do some kind of cardio (mostly aerobic) for at least five hours a week

Daily Habit 4: Work On Your Balance Everyday

Balance and coordination is often one of the most ignored areas of physical fitness. However, a lack of balance and coordination is the cause for many injuries. The goal of this superhero fitness program is to keep you as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, so you can do good for as long as possible.

A great way to practice balance is to include some yoga balance poses into your yoga routine. That way, you knock out two birds with one stone (yoga will take care of your flexibility and balance training).

Note: If you’re looking for one exercise that tackles strength, flexibility, cardio, and balance, check out Ashtanga Yoga.


To become physically fit, you’ll need to incorporate strength, flexibility, cardio, and coordination into your routine. Fitness is something that you lose if you don’t keep it up. Unfortunately, you can’t just become ‘fit’ and then stop. You must make fitness a lifelong pursuit.


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