Real Life Superhero: Henry David Thoreau

Benjamin_D._Maxham_-_Henry_David_Thoreau_-_RestoredI have a deep, dark secret to admit:

I have a English Literature degree.

Because of this, occasionally you’ll find me writing about authors that bring back bad memories of high school English classes. But I promise you, if I bring up a writer, it’s because they had something important to say in our progress to become superheroes.

One such author is none other than Henry David Thoreau. You probably know him from his most famous book, Walden.

The man himself was a superhero. His writing can help you become a superhero, too.


Throughout the 1850s, Thoreau constantly was reworking a piece that he considered one of his seminal works. He read it more than any other of his lectures. The essay I’m talking about is Walking.

“In Wildness is the preservation of the world.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

In Walking, Thoreau describes how it is a spiritual activity that allows man to get back to his wild nature. Thoreau walked four hours a day as a spiritual pursuit.

Rather than summarize the essay, which will do it a great disservice, I encourage you to read it yourself. It’s available as a free eBook, or online at The Thoreau Reader. Then, start walking.

Thoreau would be proud.


2 thoughts on “Real Life Superhero: Henry David Thoreau

  1. Being from New England, I have visited Walden Pond more times than I can count and never get tired of it.
    “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” 
    ― Henry David Thoreau, Walden

  2. My brother used to live in Watertown, and we’d always take a trip or two to Walden Pond. Yeah, Thoreau was a pretty amazing person. It’s funny how so much of what he wrote over 150 years ago is applicable to us today. Thanks for reading! You have a great blog yourself.

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