How To Pick A Superhero Name


Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

If you’re going to be a superhero, then you need to come up with a name. If you want the easy way out, you can use one of the several superhero name generators on the Internet. However, I believe you should really put some thought into your name.

After all — your superhero name represents the best you that you can be.

My suggestion is to use the following equation: Color + Animal = Superhero Name

Here are some suggestions:


Pick your your favorite color and use it in your superhero name. Even if the color doesn’t make it into your name, you can still use it later when creating your uniform.

Colors have meaning. There’s actually a field of psychology called Color Psychology. For example:

  • Yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect
  • Green is the color of balance and growth
  • Blue is the color of trust and peace
  • Purple is the color of the imagination
  • Pink is the color of unconditional love and nurturing
  • Gray is the color of psychology and perspective
  • White is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection
  • Black is the color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, creating an air of mystery


Pick an animal that you can relate with, or one that represents where you live. Many cultural shamans believe in the spirit of animals (spirit guides) which help or protect individuals, lineages, or entire cultures.

Spirit animals carry meaningful messages and lessons for those who are willing to listen. Spirit animals can provide guidance on the following:

  • An aspect of yourself that is already strongly developed or needs to be explored more
  • A situation or environment in your everyday life that has a strong emotional impact
  • A life direction you could consider or reflect on

Here are some common animal messengers. If you see one of these a lot, perhaps the Universe is trying to tell you something:

  • The Praying Mantis usually comes to help you find peace, quiet, and calmness in your lives
  • The Moth usually comes into your life when you may be hiding from your true self, and need transformation
  • The Ladybug represents luck in which your wishes and goals will be fulfilled, and new heights are possible
  • The Rabbit is a reminder to nurture the tools you already have within yourself
  • The Owl is telling you to remove yourself from the noise of life and become the still silent observer

You could also go with your zodiac symbol (e.g. Archer for Sagittarius, Ram for Aries) or Chinese zodiac symbol (e.g. maybe you were born in the year of the snake, or the year of the dragon).


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